Auto Chess War v1.80 (Mod Apk Money)

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Auto Chess War

Auto Chess War v1.80 (Mod Apk Money) Introduction:

In this magical-realist strategic PvE game, you need to purchase your men and arrange your own tactical formation to battle. You should upgrade your pieces and try various combinations to enhance your combat skills. Please notice that each piece has its unique skills and the key point to victory is how you locate the proper use of your pieces.

Followed the principle gameplay of auto chess, we are trying to provide you brand new experience with the arrived Endless Mode and the first chapter of Adventure. We’re still working for the further chapters of Adventure, equipment system and a new PvP mode that is very different from other auto chess games.

– Magical-realist characters and scenes. Human, Orc, Elf, and Beast allows you an exotic experience
– Unique battle view and gorgeous effects
– Your battle progress will be saved automatically, so please feel free to turn off the game and come back latter
– The roguelike Adventure provides different experience to you with each new Adventure
– Endless Challenge allows you to break your limits by increase the final wave by 5 with each stage clear

From the Developer
We’re a very small group (6 persons!) that has worked for this game for less than three months. We are working very hard to add more functions so please and please rate us as high as you possible to support us if you like this game. Your support is our energy to develop this game 🙂

About the Update
1. We schedule to update this game each two week, with at least 3 characters and new hyper-casual gameplay and functions in each update.
2. Sometimes the following updates might last for month with a new hard-core gameplay, however we won’t let wait for more than two months.
3. We always update as soon as possible if you encounter great bugs or difficulties in value.

Coming Soon:
1. Equipment System, more chapters of Adventure
2. Player Levels, Talents and Runes.
3. Piece Cultivation System
4. PvP

What’s new in version 1.10:
1. 5 new heroes have arrived Auto Chess War!! Welcome our Lady Fairy (remote therapy), Goblin Pitcher (remote), War Solider (melee), Dwarf Warrior (melee), and Minotaurus (melee)!
2. Now we have New Adventure Mode!
a. You can enjoy this brand-new Roguelike mode now.
b. You need to consider your own combat strategy to reach the final Boss
c. You might meet the new merchants in this Adventure mode to pay for HP or EXP, as well as improve your principle income or interest rate.
d. You might encounter a variety of events in the Adventure mode, and you need to make your own choices. Happy endings and bad endings are both possible, but overall you’re a lucky guy.
e. More merchants and events are coming very soon, including the equipment merchants and elite battles.
3. New Lobby! This new UI allows to enter the Endless Challenge and Adventure from our lobby.
4. The battle process and roles’ condition system has been fixed and improved. Please comment us on our Facebook page if you face any bugs, and we will consider your suggestions in the next update.
5. The number of units to trigger bonds and its effect has been adjusted for better experience.
6. The special effect display of bonds has been optimized. Please enjoy a more comfortable battle view.
7. More sounds have arrived and now you can enjoy richer battle sound effects.
8. A new background music in the lobby.
9. The bonds display has been optimized and we will show you the bonds and levels of all combinations on the board.
10. The DPS will be shown on the battle page now. You will find what pieces are slacking off while others are fighting to their death.
11. The number of your current pieces will be shown when you purchase the same kind of pieces. You know better about how many pieces of a specific units you have now.
12. The fast upgrade button on the piece purchasing page allows you to combine and upgrade your pieces more quickly.
13. 4 new bonds have arrived: Guards, Assassins, Nature, and Berserkers.
Auto Chess War
Auto Chess War
Auto Chess War
Auto Chess War
Auto Chess War
Auto Chess War


  1. max coin
  2. max level
  3. max slot chess

– After joined battle, out game and play again and u will see.
– If u want to play in PvP, u need ROOT + use apk unsigned.

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

Install Steps:


Auto Chess War v1.80 (Mod Apk Money) – DRIVE LINK

Auto Chess War v1.80 (Mod Apk Money) – UPLOADED

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