Celestial Craft Fleet v6.2.1.0 Mod Apk

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Celestial Craft Fleet

Celestial Craft Fleet v6.2.1.0 Mod Apk At the start of the game “Super rare star 5 sailors” must always GET ■

<Check out here in Tiancra, here! >>
○ Fleet warfare held everyday! 20 people vs. 20 people big white fever real-time guild battle!
○ Seafarers with more than 500 seafarers, distinctive girls!
○ Mission A fleet action full of exhilaration and tension that can go in the sky!
○ Flying boat Combine parts with a flying boat and customize it for your own ship!

■ Fleet Battle ■
Powerful of 20 people vs. 20 people Real-time guild battle “fleet warfare” held every day!
Let’s join “Fleet Battle” by organizing “fleet” with other players!
Join “Chain” in cooperation with friends in chat, grasp the victory in a battle field that changes in real time!

Regular event holding “Fleet Battle League” event deciding the strongest fleet!
GET A Luxury Reward by Winning the League!
Get the title of “strongest” with the strategy built with your friends!

■ Seafarers ■
There are over 500 people in all! Airborne and adventurers, until maid!
Voice with unique personality for all seafarers! Sailors who are interested in the story may appear! What?
Let’s start for air travel with beautiful young seafarers with different attributes and skills!

■ Mission ■
Trace with one fingertip to attack! Break through the aerial front with easy-action fleet action!
Speedy & refreshingly shoot down innumerable enemy ships, aim for the boss battleship!
Boss battleship aims at a new sensation battle system [trace and attack]! Let’s damage with great power skill!
Tamashii is a “burst rush” of attack shots! ! Let’s enjoy the feeling of liberation that violently hurts in the air!

■ Flying boat ■
With over 40 ships, up to nine equipment sites, over 500 parts
The pattern of combinations that can be customized really exceeds 10 billion streets! !
Let’s build your own ship with myriad combinations!

◯ Story ◯
How far is this sky going on?
The ground floats _ flying boat leaning in the sky
Some want a legend _
Some have fight _
Some go on the sky seeking a place of relief … Beyond this sky … seeking a world yet to be seen _
– Run through the sky –

[Supported OS]
Android 4.0 or later
* Even if it meets the above conditions, it may not be available on some terminals.


1. One Hit Kill
2. God Mode


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