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Fire Magician

Fire Magician v1.6950 (Mod Apk) Raise a magician!
You can be a fire wizard.
Upgrade the staff,
Level up your character,
Learn a variety of higher magic
It is a game to defeat monsters with more powerful attacks.

(You can play directly and clear the stage quickly,
You may play in idleness relaxedly.)

You can use magic in any direction you want,
You can even enjoy it as an auto magic feature.

-Learn and strengthen a variety of magic!
Fireball, Fire Breath, Fire Bounce, Explosion, Meteor, Chain Spark, Flame Sword, Fire Tornado, Hellfire, Firelane …
(New and cool skills are constantly added !!!)

-Upgrade to more cool gear!
The more equipment you upgrade, the more powerful the horsepower.

-Try to achieve a variety of achievements!
Through achievements, you can get and use many jams, in-game gems.

-Raise your wizard rating!
Depending on the mage rank, you will have more powerful horsepower and mana.

-Find hidden content!

-Get various titles!

-Cloud Save / Load lets you keep your data safe!
Stored in Google Drive through Google Play Services!
Automatically saved at regular intervals.
If you want to forcibly save or load it, go to Settings on the home screen and press the Cloud button!

Please enjoy Arena Mode once every 10 minutes!
-You can get a lot of gold and jam as a reward when you win.
-You can also gain victory points if you win, and upgrade your Arena status with that victory point.
-Gives bonuses to horsepower, mana and gold, depending on Arena rating!
-A new type (magic) monsters appear in the arena.

You can check the ranking of users who use the play service by pressing the home ranking button!
-There are currently the best stage rankings, Arena-related victory points, and rankings for each difficulty level.

Defeat powerful enemies through various patterns of boss raids!
A lot of experience, gold and jam. You also get a boss point
This is used for future updates!
(You can use it even if you collect it in advance.)

Smartphone app access permission guide
-When using the app, we request access to provide the following services.
* Required Access
Save Picture / Media / File: Saves game files and game update files.
* Selective access rights
Storage: It is used to read game data saved in SD card. (Depending on game installation on SD card)
* How to release access
Android 6.0 and above: You can turn it off by going to Settings> Apps> Select Permissions> Permissions List> Access Permissions.
Under Android 6.0: You can upgrade the operating system (6.0 and above) to release access or delete the app to release the permission.
In-app consent may not be provided and access may be revoked in the above manner.

Thank you.

Inquiry, bulletin board, bug reporting (homepage)
-Homepage address:

Contact 1 (mail):
Contact 2 (Phone): 070-8259-6552
Developer Contact:
+ 82-70-8259-6552불마법사 키우기
불마법사 키우기
불마법사 키우기
불마법사 키우기
불마법사 키우기
불마법사 키우기

1. High Damage
2. No ADS


Fire Magician v1.6950 (Mod Apk) – UPLOADED

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Fire Magician v1.6950 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

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