Reverse Othello (Othellonia) v3.3.1 Моd Apk (Always win)

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Reverse Othello

Reverse Othello (Othellonia) v3.3.1 Моd Apk (Always win) Lost in time most interesting!
Track reverse battle”reverse Othello unit.
Friends! National player! White heat of real Othello!
○Easy operation with the new program version.
Your deck organized,”reverse battle”and enjoy it!
Money, stalwart and program rules, character pieces are the large and powerful real-time Othello battle enjoy!

○Reverse battle the heat. a variety of skills●
Damage, recovery, Defense, trap, and seal, and poison and…. Trading card game of strategic skill to reverse rotation battle!
Your strategy as the battle for the challenge!

○Full free friends battle & all countries) in the world class matches●
Near friends reverse battle [completely free] enjoy friends!
Of service stars competition, master class, aiming ahead of the class.
Real-time Othello battle system is you!

○(^_^)Plus, it will moriagaro(>_<)●
Reverse battle against it, and a stamp to send that in! To tailor, time is the enemy provocation, my own stamp using the reverse battle boost!

○Attractive character voice by gorgeous actors to participate●
Reverse battle to liven up the gorgeous actors participated!
・Kanazawa Castle Miyuki
・Kijima Ryuichi
・Koiwai this
Kimura pearls, Hawaii
・Ohashi Ayaka
And many others

○Reverse the stage of”needs”, but you waiting for-●

[Service provider] to
Dena Co., Ltd

[Recommended environment]
Android 4.0 and above (RAM2GB or above)recommended
* Certain non-recommended or non・compatible terminals.

(1)recommended model and the recommended OS version other than full.
(2)Use the customers on one device can require.

[Other inquiries]
Questions DeNA games Support Office
Your support is much appreciated.


1.) always win

Installation steps:
1.) install the modded apk
2.) play


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