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You can adjust the all volumes on the device in a screen.
You can also switch to silent mode by pressing and holding the volume – button or by pressing it right after vibrate mode on a device that does not support silent mode switching with the volume button.

• Features

– Sync Volume (Ringtone Notifications System)
– Use Volume Buttons For Media
– Silent mode when face down (including ringtone notifications and media by setting)
– Vibrate in silent mode
– Silent media in silent mode
– Pocket mode
– Set media volume when headset connected
– Set media volume when bluetooth connected
– Silent time
– Notify (check the current volumes of media ringtone notifications and alarms and go to ‘Volume Control’ or ‘Extended Settings’ directly)

• Caution

Ringtone notifications and system volume might be linked to each other and work simultaneoulsy according to the manufacturer or the device so test it by adjusting the volume slide.

The actual alarms volume is different from the alarms volume displayed by this application in the devices which don’t use Android’s standard alarms volume so test it before using.

The volume levels displayed in the notification window might be different from the actual volume when using other applicaitons to adjust the volume.

If there is no silent mode setting on the devices with Android v5.0 Lollipop or later it will switch interrupt mode when silent mode.

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