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Zombie Blast Crew

Zombie Blast Crew v2.0.0 (Mod Apk Money) It’s been what, a year now since the infection started? Everyone fled the cities, huge panic. We let the zombies take over our towns, our buildings, our block. Things have been calming down since then, we’ve set up camps and none of us are really in danger anymore. But we can’t let the zombies have all the luxury of our own cities for themselves when we sleep outside, can we?

So instead of waiting for the army and their fancy tanks, we’ve decided to organize into hunting parties, and take our block back. We officially declare that from today onwards, our city is a Zero Zombie Zone. We’re the Zombie Blast Crew. We kick zombie butts. Join the team.

As a member of the Zombie Blast Crew, you will have many objectives to accomplish, but one main goal: pushing the zombies back. Pack your guns, scout the area, and unload on anything that’s glowing green – that’s usually a good tell sign.

Each mission takes place in a new zone of the city, where you will have to shoot zombies to stop the invasion, and make use of your survival instincts and your gear to come back uninjured.

How do you identify a zombie? They’re slow, dumb and ugly, right? Weeeell, it’s a bit more nuanced than that. They’re still all ugly, sure, but some of them are special. Special zombies come in different shapes and forms: some will rush you, some will shoot you from a distance, some will take a ton of damage before going down. They’re all a threat. Keep an eye out for them at all times – if you spot one, make sure to be ready before going in!

With zombies, we’ve got the upper hand – they’re not smart, and we are. Well, some of us are. Planning and getting the proper equipment is already half the battle. No hero gets through a battle without his sword. Big crowds? Get the flamethrower. Need to keep your distance? The assault rifle might be a better pick. It’s all about using your head.

Same goes for our gear. Do you pack a medkit to heal injuries? Some grenade to clear infection areas? Some food to get yourself a small survival boost? Don’t rush in, it pays to be prepared. And don’t forget to polish your skills. Putting a few points in marksmanship will help your shooting.

Each Blast Crew is trying to take back their own town, block by block. You kinda forget about it when you live there, but a whole block, that’s actually a pretty wide zone. There’s big, open spaces, tight streets, dark back alleys… It’s important to scout the area, scope it out and use the terrain to your advantage. A chokepoint can be good for defense, but if you get stuck in there with a horde… not ideal.

It’s a huge playground, with tons of resources to pick up and hidden tracks to follow. Just don’t get lost.

It might be home, but seeing it again after all this time… it feels nostalgic. We’ve got objectives and a pandemic to stop, but feel free to take in the views too. Some good old slice of United States with its own sights. It’s a pretty unique style, ain’t it? Take it in.

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Zombie Blast Crew
Zombie Blast Crew
Zombie Blast Crew
Zombie Blast Crew
Zombie Blast Crew
Zombie Blast Crew

Unlimited Gold Coins
Unlimited Diamonds
*Available after completing the novice tutorial

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Zombie Blast Crew v2.0.0 (Mod Apk) – DRIVE LINK

Zombie Blast Crew v2.0.0 (Mod Apk) – RACATY LINK

Zombie Blast Crew v2.0.0 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

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